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There are two ways to earn on BullRun!

1. You invest your preferred amount of money (a minimum of 100 Euros deposited in BTC is required) and you leave the rest to BullRun to earn for you on your behalf.

No need to have any knowledge of trading whatsoever! Your earning with absolute peace of mind is the BullRun way to do things. You will be immune to fluctuations in the market.

2. You refer your friends and family or anyone for that matter and start earning a percentage of their earnings. 8 Ranks and 13 Levels of earning is what we are talking about.

BullRun Referral Income Compensation Earning Plan


To do list:

1. Click here to register a free account.

2. Verify it and log into your new Bullrun dashboard

3. Go To Your Profile tab and fill in your info

4. Activate two-factor authentication and then Click on New Deposit.

5. Deposit a minimum of 100 Euros to your account (maximum contribution is 100,000 Euros).

6. Click on "My wallet", and put the address of your BTC wallet where you will receive your monthly returns.

7. Go to the section Investments/Action with benefits, and select the action you want, Automatic Withdraws or Compound Interest.
(Your choice can always be changed as long as you do that before the 25th of the month so it affects the returns of that month, which are always paid before the 10th of the following month.)

8. Start earning a passive income (no need for any further action).

9. Smile Big! You are with the perfect company!
Your deposit never expires and will earn you a steady, dependable monthly income for years to come.


To do list:

1. Please follow steps number 1 - 6 from the Passive Income Section.

2. Although each deposit is activated in 72 hours, if you have contributed with at least 100 BRT (100 Euro) you can IMMEDIATELY start sharing your link.

3. Your referrals will always be yours and you will earn your commission from their earnings every month!

4. There are 2 affiliate links to share, one which you find in your dashboard leads directly to Registration, and the other one you can make by adding your referring code to the main Bullrun site: https://www.bullrun.io/index_en.html?referral=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5. There is not a lot of promotional material within the site yet, but with the minimum contribution, you will get from us this splash page with your ref link: https://bullrundistributor.com/intro.php and various size banners and graphics.

6. If you work hard and promote your link at the beginning (people love to join early) you will build for yourself a solid, passive referral income for years to come.

7. Smile Big! This is your chance to make 2021 your BEST YEAR Ever!



Compensation Plan for BullRun